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The Huntington Memorial Library

The library’s mission is to provide a safe space for life-long learning and collaborative activities.

Huntington Memorial Library is the largest library in Otsego County, New York and is located in the City of Oneonta. The Library is a member of the Four County Library System.

The Library has come a long way from its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago when it was known as Oneonta Public Library. The first library, in 1837, was located in the school building that once was on Academy Street. During a time of rapid library expansion in our country, the Regents of the State of New York visited the library and recommended obtaining a charter. The library received its charter of incorporation on February 9, 1893.

It wasn’t long before the library outgrew the space in the school building and on September 1, 1895, it was moved to three rooms in a building on Main Street. By 1904, the library outgrew its three rooms and moved to the theater block on Chestnut Street where it remained until 1909. Once again the library was on the move, this time occupying space on Ford Avenue in a building owned by the City of Oneonta. Many people gave substantial donations to help the library grow.

At the library board meeting of November 1917, a letter from Henry E. Huntington was received proposing that he donate his old family homestead as a permanent home for the library and endow it with a trust fund for its support. The only thing he asked in return was that the library be renamed “The Huntington Memorial Library” to honor his parents. The offer was accepted, and in January of 1918, the house and grounds were deeded to the City of Oneonta to be used exclusively as a public library and park. At each of the main entrances to the park, there is a large boulder bearing a plaque in memory of the Huntingtons and their gift of the library and park. Throughout the years, the library has grown, requiring several additions and renovations to add space. 

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Library Director: Tina Winstead
Youth Coordinator: Donna Foote
Program Librarian: Ariel T
Library Assistant: Emily
Library Clerks: Alex,  Alice, Crowe, Fletcher, Jen, Marcus and Peter.
Account Clerk: Brenda
Maintenance: Nate

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Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Diane Aaronson – President
Glenda Bolton – Vice President
Susan Kenny
Kristy Vander Werff
Cary Brunswick




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