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HML Writers Group


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Who We Are

HML Writers was first started in July of 2014, using the framework of Camp National Novel Writing Month (Camp NaNoWriMo), the summer sister of the November-based National Novel Writing Month.  Led by staff member, Jen Donohue, our weekly writing group meets Saturdays at 1:30pm, Sept. to Nov., Mid January to May, and in the month of July.

We’re not all novelists, or poets, or short story writers. We’re not all speed writers; trying to go-go-go on a prompt for ten minutes isn’t everybody’s writing style. And that’s all right. The goal for HML Writers is to help writers be comfortable with themselves, with their own styles and their own needs.

What We Do

Writers bring what they’re working on to read out loud, or pass out copies for critique. More often than not, most of the meeting time is devoted to the act of writing, with timers set and prompts given as a springboard for a story or poem to take flight.

Contact Jen For More Information

About Jen

Jen Donohue graduated Hartwick College with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and has been at the Huntington Library since 2005. Her short stories have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, The Sockdolager, and in Mosaics 2: a Collection of Independent Women, which you can find at the library.






  13 Responses to “HML Writers Group”

  1. Hello, I would like to start wring ‘something’ short story, mystery..a million false starts, looking for focus. Would like to come to Jan. meeting, not sure if what to prepare! Thanks Ann

  2. Hi Ann, we start meeting again in February. We will contact you.

  3. I’d like to join your group. I’m hoping to try my hand at some narrative nonfiction history. Are you meeting on Saturdays in July, 2019?

  4. Hi, yes we’re meeting in July beginning July 13th at 1:30. I hope to see you there.

  5. Hello, Jennifer- I would like to join your group tomorrow. I am new to the area and have been doing some writing. Let me know if that works. Hoping to hear from you. Sandi

  6. Hello! I’m interested in joining (I just got my new library card today!! I had one when I was younger but then my name was legally changed and I had to get a new one) but since November is nearly over, I’m thinking I’ll join when it starts back up in January. Do you know when about it will start? I’m a poet and I don’t have anyone in my life who writes anything, so I’d love to have people to talk to about writing and do some writing prompts and such.
    Thank you!

  7. Hello I would love to join this group how do I begin?

  8. Will the group be meeting this September?

  9. Hello. Just looking for some more information about the group – when you meet, how to join.

  10. Hi! Will you be meeting in July? Thanks!

  11. Is this group still going on? I am moving close to Huntington in a few months and just want to make sure there is a writing group somewhere nearby.

  12. Hey there! I would like to join your group. How do I get started?

  13. Hey, I’m getting back into writing and was looking for local groups, is this one still meeting ? If not, do you know of any other active groups ?

    Sam Ash

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