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HML is proud to offer a wide variety of STEAM programs for youth.

We aim to give every child in our community the opportunity to explore big ideas and new technology. Our STEAM programs are designed not just to teach kids coding or engineering, but also to give them space to fail and get back up again, to experiment and discover without worrying about a grade, and to make friends along the way.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. STEAM education doesn’t just focus on one letter of the acronym at a time but instead integrates them together. STEAM learning emphasizes hands-on activities, discovery, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

The main difference between STEM and STEAM is STEM explicitly focuses on scientific concepts. STEAM investigates the same concepts, but does this through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process.

Explainer: what’s the difference between STEM and STEAM?

Winter/Spring 2021 STEAM Programs

Weekly Clubs

Online Minecraft Club (8 – 12 Yrs)
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Sat. February 6th, 2021 – Sat. March 27th, 10:00 – 11:30am
This eight week club will use Minecraft’s educational potential to provide a fun and immersive learning experience. And for the first time ever, we provide Minecraft access! All you need is a device that can install and run Minecraft: Education Edition.

Other STEAM Fun

Video Star Series (Kids/teens 10+)
We here at the library have done a lot of learning about video this year, and we want to pass that knowledge on to you! Our spring Video Star Series will teach kids 10 and older the ins and outs of Shotcut, a free and open source video editor. Whether you dream of becoming the next big YouTuber, working for online media like Polygon or Buzzfeed, or you’re just looking for something creative to do, this series is a perfect first step.

Registration for each class in the series is separate, so sign up for what you’re interested in and skip what you’re not! Click on an individual class to learn more and register.

STEAM Ahead To Go (Best for 6 – 14 yrs, but other ages welcome)
First come, first served

On six Mondays this winter and spring, we’ll put out STEAM Ahead To Go bags at the library with a hands-on STEAM activity inside. Just drop in any time to grab a bag! Later in the week, Bridget will guide you through the activity in a video.

This season’s schedule:

  • February 8th: Paper Circuit Cards – Light up someone’s day with some warm winter wishes and the power of electricity!
  • March 1st: LEGO Rover Coding – Celebrate the recent landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars by doing your own remote coding of a LEGO Robot!
  • March 22nd: Toothpick Architect – Take on this classic challenge and see how tall of a structure you can create with limited materials!
  • April 12th: Bath Bombs – Harness basic chemistry for a spa day!
  • May 3rd: Rubber Band Racer – Build an ultra-simple rubber band car!
  • May 24th: Bubble Geometry – We give you an excuse to get outside in the nice spring weather to discover what amazing shapes you can make bubbles form!
Official Ozaria art depicting the hero and their dog in a winter landscape looking up at a mysterious tower in the distance.
Embark on an epic coding adventure with Ozaria!

Curious about what STEAM Ahead to Go is like? You can see all of our past video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Ozaria On Your Own (Grades 5 – 10)
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Learn to program on your own time!

We have 10 licenses for the coding game Ozaria, and we want to loan them out this fall to kids who are curious about programming. You’ll get full access to all of the levels and the full story of Ozaria.

Learn completely at your own pace, with no obligations to show up for meetings or to meet deadlines. This is your chance to dip your toes into computer science with no pressure!


3D printed lamps designed by STEAM Club participants

This weekly program gives kids an opportunity to work on a high-tech project from start to finish. Working with an instructor, kids set the pace and make the big creative decisions. They do the designing, the wiring (including the soldering!), the coding, and anything else their project requires.

In past Club sessions, we’ve built a Raspberry Pi-powered weather station and a microcontroller-powered art lamp.

STEAM Club is for kids in grades 6 through 9 and is offered every spring and fall programming season. Registration is required.


STEAM Ahead participants made plastic bottle terrariums to learn about the water cycle.

Our STEAM Ahead series offers one-off programs for kids to get familiar with new technologies or concepts. Every STEAM Ahead involves a hands-on activity. It might be an experiment, an engineering challenge, or making something cool to take home.

Previous STEAM Ahead events have included dissecting owl pellets, building a device that would lift a weight using only wind power, and the ever popular Tear Down Night, where kids get to take apart old and obsolete electronics to discover what’s inside.

STEAM Ahead is for kids ages 8 through 12. During every programming season, you can expect to see one or two STEAM Ahead events every month. Registration is required.

Minecraft Club

The entryway a Minecraft Club member built for the zoo the club built

Minecraft Club, our longest running STEAM program, harnesses the power of this popular computer game to foster learning. Kids in this weekly club have done things like:

  • Learn about Mendelian genetics, including phenotypes, genotypes, and incomplete dominance, using Minecraft sheep or pandas
  • Research constellations and build scale replicas of them
  • Practice their circuitry skills using redstone to play a simple song in Minecraft

Minecraft Club is for kids ages 8 through 12. We offer Minecraft Club every spring and fall programming season, and we offer Minecraft Camp every summer. Registration is required.

Summer Camps and Special Events

2019 STEAM Camp & Girls Code Camp

Every summer, the library offers two four-day camps for STEAM enthusiasts: STEAM Camp and Girls Code Camp.

At STEAM Camp, kids get to work together on STEAM challenges. Depending on the summer, it might be trying to code a human robot to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or it might be to build a cardboard “lunar lander.”

At Girls Code Camp, girls get to try their hand at all kinds of different coding activities and languages. At the end of their camp, girls complete a small electronics project that they get to take home, like an LED bracelet that lights up in a wave pattern. This program, led by a female instructor, is designed to help keep girls interested in STEAM and coding at the critical age where they’re most likely to lose interest.

Throughout the year, we also offer special events when we are able. One popular event is our LEGO Robotics Camp, usually offered during students’ February break. The library hosts Dr. Howard Lichtman of Hartwick college and some of his students to run a two-day workshop all about coding LEGO robots.

STEAM Camp and Girls Code Camp are for kids in grades 6 through 8. Ages for special events may vary according to the event. As always, registration is required.