Jun 272017

Marie Cummings was born in Detroit, Michigan. There she studied psychology and business at Wayne State University. She moved to Clearwater, Florida with her three daughters, where she embarked on a career as a Realtor. When her last daughter entered college, Marie decided to seek a new direction in her life: she wanted to explore the world of visual art. While studying Experimental Watermedia at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center (Dunedin, Florida), she also ventured into Creative Writing at St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, Florida). This dual experience served as a launching pad for a serious embrace of fine art from an outside-the-box viewpoint.  Read More…

Jun 262017

Enjoy special programs all summer long!  Both children and adults can read to win fun prizes!  For children there will also be weekly Lego challenges, the Guessing Jar, weekly Art Cart Creations, Board Games on Mondays and Fridays and Minecraft Open Play every Wednesday afternoon.  For Adults, get ready for our Game of Thrones Trivia, Lego Block Patry, our DIY day and more! Read more about all our events going on at our Youth and Adult pages.