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Dec 182013
Sep 152014

toolspicRegister for this 6 week series designed to explore common technology tools. To get maximum results from this series you should be able to comfortably navigate the internet and your email. This project is based on the Learning 2.0 Project by Helene Blower and utilizes the theory of transformative learning that was developed by Michael Stephens in 2012. The digital world is rapidly changing and typical skill sets have a shorter life span. It’s becoming more important to know how to learn than it is to know what to learn so this series will embrace a focus on play, innovation and experimentation that is needed for 21st century learning. Some modules that will be covered are Twitter, Photosharing, Blogging tools and Presentation tools. We invite you to come and explore with us.

Sep 032014

Join like-minded people and create crafts found on Pinterest. The library Pinterest page is a good source of inspiration so we’ve decided to bring it to our Community Room. In September we’ll be crafting a hidden compartment in a book. In October we’ll make a Halloween wine bottle or glass. In November we’ll try a new technique to create a fall themed painting and in December we’ll make a special gift box out of paint color sample pages. You’ll receive a list of supplies to bring and we’ll provide odds and ends and instruction. Registration begins on September 8. Click the image for more information.hmlpinterest