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Dec 182013
Feb 232015

Send a message in support of NY libraries. According to the New York Library Association, Governor Cuomo, despite having an extra $5.5 billion in revenue this year and proposing up to a 4.8% increase in state education funding has proposed flat funding for our community libraries. Last year, the Governor poposed a 4.7% cut in local library aid yet a 3.8% increase in education funding. In fact, last year, the approved state budget included a 5.7% increase in education funding but only a 1.2% increase in local library aid. New York State vote_button_rgbEducation Law requires library aid for 2015-2016 to be $102.6 million based on the most recent census data. The Governor’s flat funding proposal puts state library aid at 86.6 million which is equivalent to 1997 funding. This is $16 million short of where the budget should be. Please use this pre-written letter to voice your support for full funding for libraries in the coming budget year.

Feb 102015

ourworldremadeOur World Remade: World War I
Reading and Discussion Program for Adults

Scholar-Facilitator: Mark Simonson, City Historian of Oneonta

Informational Meeting: Wednesday, March 4th, 6:30 p.m.

Series Dates: 6 Weeks, Wednesdays, March to May, 6:30 p.m.

Location: Library Community Room

Registration Required. Please call 432-1980 or stop by the library. Continue reading »

Jan 272015

oscarPick up your entry form at the library or on our website to vote for the winners in all of the categories at the Academy Awards this year. If you’ve seen a lot of movies then you have a chance to win the contest and receive tickets to the Southside Mall Cinema. You must submit your entries by Saturday, February 21st.