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Dec 182013
Jul 282015

This Thursday, at 6:30 pm there’s another chance to see dogs in action. Join us at the library as deputies Keith Sheldon and Kris Solovitch demonstrate K9’s, Ricky and Mica’s heroic skills. No registration required.
On Saturday, August 1 at 10:00 field paleontologists Mike and Roberta Straka will present a program about the heroes who invented and discovered some of the world’s most exciting historical objects and modern innovations. Plus, take part in their “What’s the Invention Game Show” and experience a touch of magic.  Registration is required.

Jul 172015

starwalk2015StarWalk KidsMedia is a digital library with hundreds of children’s books. Once again, during the month of July, StarWalk has generously opened its website to our library patrons to use under the title of PopUp Library. It’s a great opportunity to play with digital media while the kids are on summer vacation.

You can read these ebooks on any device with Internet access by going to You will have access free of charge for the entire month. This collection was developed by popular children’s author Seymour Simon and Liz Nealon. starwalkkidsmedia

Jul 142015

Join us for Theobroma Cacao: The Delectable Story of Chocolate, a chocolate tasting and history program on Monday August 3 at 6:30.  Alice Cannistra will take you through a history of the “food of the gods”. You will learn about chocolate’s mystical powers and healing qualities, its history of moral judgements, religious repression and wondrous innovation. Discover how the humble cocoa bean can incite such creativity and passion. Registration is required and opens on July 20.

chocolate three