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Dec 182013
Mar 192015
Changes in the Children's Area

New look for the Children’s Area

All of us at the library have gone through a lot changes in the past few weeks. You probably know how difficult change is but when it comes to rearranging a work space and its functionality while maintaining daily routines, it’s twice as hard. All of these changes will benefit the patrons of the library so when you visit HML you’ll find our DVD management system much easier to use. All of the original covers are now kept in a table that’s reminiscent of the system that was used in old vinyl record stores. You’ll be able to flip through the DVDs and even take them out to read the information on the back of the cover.

When you find one you want to check out, simply bring it to the circulation desk and we’ll give you your DVD of choice without having to struggle to find the disk in the drawer or walk around to unlock the cabinet. We hope this makes your visit to the Continue reading »

Mar 032015

HML will provide a forum dedicated to educating and sharing technology-related information, with an emphasis on mobile devices and Windows computers. This group is for anyone who wants to do more and discover more about the technology in their lives. It will be a fun and supportive learning environment for tech users of all skill levels. Each meeting will include a short presentation about a technology related topic and an open question and answer session. Some meetings will be more hands-on than others. Participants are encouraged to bring their devices. Come learn, do and share with us. The first meeting will cover things you don’t know you can do with your Kindle — and which Kindle is for you with a Kindle comparison: Kindle vs Kindle Fire vs Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Voyage. Meets every 2nd Thursday of the Month.  First meeting is March 12, 2015.

Feb 272015

Our BOOK MADNESS! Tournament of Books will start the first week in March.  Come to the library each week to vote for your favorite popular reads of 2014. The books with the most votes will advance to the next round. Only one will win!  Gone Girl? Fifty Shades of Grey? The Invention of Wings? Mr. Mercedes?   Which book will it be?