New On-line Registration For Programs

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Dec 192017

HML is going on-line for all of our program registrations. We’ve chosen to use Eventbrite and you can access it on our website (, our Facebook page ( or on the app on your smart phone. It’s a fast and convenient way to register for library programs and even to cancel them when necessary without having to take the time to call or visit the library. We started this new initiative in the fall for our adult programs and had very positive feedback. Starting in January, all program registration will be handled through Bookmark to see all of our upcoming programs. And, please let us know if you need help in accessing this new service.

Holiday Reads

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Dec 122017

It’s easy to get caught up in your “to do” list during the holiday season. There are the office parties to bake for, presents to wrap, and the last minute shopping to do. But take a minute to appreciate the holiday lights, the small town parade and gingerbread contest, and to drive around town at night to see the lights that decorate so many homes. If you can’t seem to find that holiday joy, then it’s time to cozy up with a sweet romance this season to take you away from all of the pressure.

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas was published in 2008
The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded together in their wild and wickedly wonderful searches for true love. Now happily married, they join together once again to help one of the world’s most notorious rogues realize that happiness might be right under the mistletoe. Continue reading »

Books for Babies Program

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Nov 302017

Books for Babies is an initiative started by Barb Potter at Kinney Memorial Library in Hartwick. Several libraries in the county have joined forces to support her. The plan is to give every baby born in 2018 at Bassett Hospital a book bag filled with a board book, library card application and information about library services. Since about 1,000 babies are expected to be born next year, that means 1,000 bags will need to be made. Some dedicated quilters have offered to make bags but more help is needed. If anyone is interested in helping, contact Tina at 432-1980 or Barb at 293-6600.