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The NEW Huntington Park


Invitation to Bid on the Huntington Park Project

Conceptual Design by Stimson Landscape Architects

Stimson Landscape Architecture created a conceptual design for the Huntington Park that will be implemented in the spring of 2021. It is an inspired vision for the park that was designed by talented landscape architects. The Stimson team took elements from Henry Huntington’s 100-year-old plan and added areas that will appeal to today’s residents.

Design Presentation

You can also view the complete Community Presentation slides here.

Survey Results are in!

Based on the survey results, elements of the park design will be modified to meet the expectations of the community. The area of the design that earned the most stars was the Landscape Stage. The Stimson team envisions this area to have a “green” backdrop for a naturalized and casual stage. People also love the idea of a literary garden with perennials and a reading nook. And 94% of respondents support a sledding hill and 80% want a slide in the hillside! Read more about it in the Survey Summary.

Huntington Park Lighting Design

Green Mountain Electric Supply developed a lighting design for the Huntington Park that includes historical lampposts to duplicate those found on Main Street. Lighting is a crucial element to the overall park design and should be carefully integrated into the overall plan. The design can be found here and cost estimates here.