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Pandemic Archive Project

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Jun 012020

We are all living through an experience that will hopefully happen only once in our lifetimes. As I reflect on the long history of the library in Oneonta, and read hand-written Library Board minutes from 1919, it occurs to me that we should document and archive our personal stories during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I’m excited to announce that the library will be creating a special collection that describes people’s experiences during the New York State PAUSE.

HML wants your story in your words so we can create a permanent archive in the library. Many people have recommended that we keep a journal of our experiences during the pandemic. The library is asking you to donate your journal or a copy to the Pandemic Archive Project. If you don’t like to journal, we would still love to see an article with your story or musings during this time. If you would like to email us your story, please send it to and use Pandemic Archive in the subject line. Your great grandchildren will be thrilled to see first-hand accounts during this difficult time.

We ask that you include your full name and birthdate at the top of the document. You can include things like how you’re coping with the “stay at home” rule. What are you doing to pass the time? What do you miss most about normal life? Has staying home brought any good things to your life? Do you have to go to work? What is that like? If you’re a student, how are you taking classes? Do you like it?

I encourage you to begin documenting your life. We’ll remind you periodically through the coming year that we’re creating a special collection of the personal impact of Covid-19. We look forward to handling these special materials with the utmost care and making them available for future residents of Oneonta.