Spooky Halloween Reads

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Oct 262017

Some reading suggestions to get you in the mood for the season… Also, check out our “Let’s Get Witchy” Display in the Library.

Binge on Books (bingeonbooks.com) is celebrating the season with “Sounds Like Halloween”, a fun new way to sample some scary passages from books that cross many genres. Thirty one authors read the most terrifying scenes from books that range from high fantasy or historical fiction to young adult romance or science fiction. That’s right, thirty one short readings that will get you in the mood for Halloween.

Staff Reads…

Bag of bones by Steven King really scared the wits out of one staff member. It’s a story about a grieving widow who goes back to his summerhouse in Maine and is drawn into mystery, ghostly visitations and escalating terrors.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi permanently unsettled one staff member. It’s a true story written about one of the most brutal, seemingly random murders in the country. It’s unlikely that anyone reading this article is unaware of it and prosecutor Bugliosi reveals how he built his case. Continue reading »

Find Your Next Read With Our NextReads Newsletters

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Dec 012015

Have you been looking for your next great read? Do you want to know what books are coming out in the coming months? Are you ready to step outside the best sellers to discover new authors or crossover genres? This week, HML is launching a new service that will be delivered directly to your inbox to help you find your next read. The Next Reads newsletter allows you to select from 25 different newsletters that focus on anything from Tween Reads to Horror and Home, Garden and DIY. You get to customize your newsletter by selecting all of the lists that interest you. You can choose all of them or only one. You can unsubscribe or change your selections at any time. And the best news is that the newsletter is linked to the online catalog so you can get more information or reserve a copy. To subscribe to the Next Reads newsletters click here or click on the image below.nextreads

May Mysteries

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May 252015

It’s the final week of May’s Mystery Month and Booklist has created a list of the year’s best crime novels. Crime novels all have a lot in common but they are also each distinctly different. You can find yourself in posh Irish girls’ schools or remote Asian islands. You may wonder if you’re reading a psychological thriller or espionage meets noir or some other subgenre mashup. You may not agree that Louise Penny should even be in this subgenre. Continue reading »

Best Sellers

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Aug 252014


We have several of the new fiction best-sellers at the library but be sure to reserve a copy because they don’t stay on the shelves for long. W.E.B. Griffin’s latest is called “Top Secret.” This is the first book in his seventh series “Clandestine Operations.” Lev Grossman’s “Magician’s Land” is the third and final volume of the Magicians Trilogy. This fantasy series is an intricate thriller based on epic love and redemption. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s “The Lost Island,” is book three of the Gideon Crew series. Gideon Crew is a brilliant scientist and master thief and follows a trail of cryptic clues to an unknown island in the Caribbean. If you missed an opportunity to vacation at the beach this year, then this book may make up for it.


A new book called “Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age” by Jason Boog is garnering a lot of attention. It addresses incorporating the new digital environment when fostering a love of reading with your child. Boog describes step-by-step early literacy strategies that include using digital devices. He states that the key is to make the experience truly interactive by using apps, ebooks and even television time. Read the book and you’ll also learn how to use sign language to support reading during the first year of life, how to access the library’s surprising resources to excite your readers, how to develop innovative homemade books that inspire creativity, to encourage your kid to read comic books to help develop critical skills and finally how to coax even reluctant readers to spend time with a book. For those of you who are already plugged in, check out the website with more tips at www.born-reading.com.