Oct 262017

Some reading suggestions to get you in the mood for the season… Also, check out our “Let’s Get Witchy” Display in the Library.

Binge on Books (bingeonbooks.com) is celebrating the season with “Sounds Like Halloween”, a fun new way to sample some scary passages from books that cross many genres. Thirty one authors read the most terrifying scenes from books that range from high fantasy or historical fiction to young adult romance or science fiction. That’s right, thirty one short readings that will get you in the mood for Halloween.

Staff Reads…

Bag of bones by Steven King really scared the wits out of one staff member. It’s a story about a grieving widow who goes back to his summerhouse in Maine and is drawn into mystery, ghostly visitations and escalating terrors.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi permanently unsettled one staff member. It’s a true story written about one of the most brutal, seemingly random murders in the country. It’s unlikely that anyone reading this article is unaware of it and prosecutor Bugliosi reveals how he built his case.

The Shining by Stephen King has scared us all. Even I saw the movie! If you like haunted hotels and old buildings, there are plenty in our area. I’ve even been told that the Huntington house is haunted but I certainly have seen no evidence and neither has any of the staff. Maybe we’re not psychic enough?

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle is a newer book that takes place in small town America during the late 1990s. Remember VHS tapes? Well if you rented one from the Video Hut in town, you would see strange, dark blinks that were sometimes violent, dark and deeply disquieting. This thriller follows the video store clerk as he tries to decipher the mystery through clues in the tapes that his customers rent.

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