Mar 292018

Have more questions on our Plan Your Park initiative?  We have uploaded pictures and information about the Plan Your Park process to our website for you to view.  Don’t forget to go take our Park Survey – we need your input! Thanks.

Proposed Park Design

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Huntington Park Design

Last year, the library was fortunate to receive a grant to explore the possibilities in Huntington Park. The Library Board and I met with Templeton Landscape Architecture and Planning consultants many times throughout the year to look at how people use the park, to review the feedback that was received through our strategic planning process in 2015, and to dream about features that would make the park more welcoming to the community. The results of this effort are a conceptual park design that includes six new areas.

Literary Garden: this garden is in front of the original entry door of the Huntington home. It will be an open concept garden defined by arches and low perimeter plantings that were typical in 1880 when the house was built. An added educational component will make this front garden a destination to draw visitors.

Terrace Overlook: this area is at the edge of the upper park where the old rotunda was located. It is an ideal place for a quiet reading patio with views of the city and distant mountains. It could be designed with an archway that connects to the library logo and the beautiful arched doorways in the library. It could be surrounded by a simple garden area or a labyrinth.

Sledding Hill: Many people have remarked on the fun they had sledding at Huntington Park. To make it safer, it will have an earthen berm to direct sleds away from the sidewalk at the base of the hill. It could be planted with a mixed variety of daylilies to provide a beautiful feature from above and below throughout the summer and to eliminate the need for difficult lawn mowing during the growing season.

Gathering Area: Multiple sidewalks converge near the parking lot and would provide a good place to add a Gathering Area. This mini-plaza will be an ideal location for those who want to take a short respite, or for holding library programs.

Performance Venue: A Performance Venue could be located in the lower park, near downtown commerce and plentiful parking. A shade sail design has fewer maintenance problems than a permanent structure and offers a graceful addition to the park. It could support local organizations’ programs when there is a need for an outdoor venue.

Children’s Garden: This Garden is not intended to be an active playground but rather a pleasant place to bring young children to enjoy the outdoors. This area will incorporate natural elements for exploration and education and could become an important and valuable asset to the community.

The next step in the process is in your hands. Give the library feedback about what you want to see in the Huntington Park. There is an online survey, and the conceptual design is displayed in the library along with printed surveys and comment cards. After we refine the conceptual plan to incorporate community input, we’ll get busy finding grant funding for the implementation stage. Stay tuned and stay involved. It’s your park.

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