Nov 052017

Do you like to give DIY gifts? The holidays are quickly approaching and this class will teach you how to make your own natural body wash.  We will discuss what is in store-bought body wash and soap and the reasons why you should not be using it. We will finish by making our own body wash with scents of your preference. You will take home the recipes so you can make your own at any time. We will also be talking about essential oil safety with a brief Q&A time at the end.
Date: Tuesday, November 28th at 6:15pm, Sponsored by Huntington Memorial Library, Register at the Library.  Materials Fee: $7.50 due at time of registration.

Facilitator – David Kropp, CA
David is a Certified Aromatherapist. After receiving his certification he started Essentials by DK. He makes and sells aromatherapy products at markets and vendor shows in the Oneonta and surrounding areas. All of his products are natural with no added synthetics or additives. One of his passions includes teaching essential oil safety whenever he can.

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