Feb 032020

Fight for your libraries! The Governor wants to cut the state library budget (Library aid by $5 Million and construction aid by $20 million) again. The State Division of Library Development estimates that library renovation and construction needs are $1.5B statewide. Over 50% of public libraries in NYS are 60+ years old, and an additional 31% are 30+ years old. Investment in the Library Construction Aid program must be increased to address aging infrastructure, energy inefficient buildings and the evolving ways people use libraries.

Here are some links to help advocate for us and the library you love so much:

Online protest: http://cqrcengage.com/alany/app/write-a-letter?1&engagementId=505815

Become an Advocate: https://www.nyla.org/4DCGI/cms/review.html?Action=CMS_Document&DocID=12&MenuKey=advocacy

Library Advocacy Day (February 25th-Albany): https://www.nyla.org/max/4DCGI/cms/review.html?Action=CMS_Document&DocID=62&MenuKey=advocacy

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