Jul 072014

This summer the Huntington Memorial Library will be expanding our reach into the community by  initiating a Twitter and Facebook account. We would like to invite you to participate. Our goals in creating social media channels are to increase the visibility of the good work we do, educate people about information resources, promote library services, encourage the support of our services and programs, and to facilitate the open communication between the library and its community.


Follow us, using the quick link buttons to the right.

According to Pew Research Internet Project, of those adults who use social networking sites, the vast majority have a Facebook account. It’s a friendly, relatively safe site with a minimum of spammers and trollers. For the library, it offers the ability to have conversations with our community in a multi-media format. If you have a Facebook account simply search for us by name. If you “like” us, you’ll see our posts in your news feed.

Twitter is a social media tool that is used differently than other tools because of the limited size of the messages. There are advantages to short messages though. People who follow the library will quickly be able to see if the link we post is something they want to open. In addition, the library will have the opportunity to post on Twitter when there is a short, immediate information need.

This summer, Twitter will focus on the Writer’s Group which meets as a part of our new Adult Summer Reading Program. Look for us on Twitter at @HMLOneonta.

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