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Huntington Memorial Library is sending out a Call to Local Artists. We strive to celebrate local creativity and provide a venue for greater exposure to the arts for everyone in the community. If you’re interested in displaying your 2-dimensional artwork, just stop by the library and ask for the Art Display Packet which contains all of the information you need to get started. These materials include the application and guidelines and are also available on our website. There are no application fees and the selected artist will display their work for a full 2 months. This is a great opportunity for maximum exposure to people from all walks of life since 250 to 350 people visit the library every day.


Current Artist on Display –

Artist Statement
My name is LaVonne Nicole, better known in the art world as Pruddygurl of Pruddygurl Exclusives. I am a California native now living in New York. I have been a lover of the arts since childhood. While thumbing through my grandmothers art books of Renaissance and Mosaic art, my love for creating began. However, it was not until 2002 that I really started to become serious about my hearts passion. My artwork and photography reflects my love for creation. Many of my paintings may have a story to tell about the existences inside or outside our world, a reflection of my inner child, a celebration of cultures and/or ancient symbols, or it can be just simple observation..reflecting my admiration of creation. My painting style and colours are spiritually/ intuitively inspired as well as influenced by Aboriginal and ancient mosaic designs. Every painting is unique, being that no two are alike.

My intuitive spirit art is sold worldwide and all my work is painted with love. Most of my designs on canvas and my “Woodwerks” are painted with chopsticks, toothpicks and wine corks for the most part but…Please also check out my “Liquid Art” which is a freestyle application of acrylic paints with simple designs. Please do not hesitate to ask me to paint your own “exclusive” with your own chosen colours/design. I could also paint a similar “duplicate” of a design that has already been painted.





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